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FG-Insulation Oy

Build together with us a collaboration model fit just for you

We are an innovative partner for industrial insulation and scaffolding projects and maintenance works.
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We execute insulation installations in projects and maintenance sites either as separate services or with scaffolding works. First class material and service suppliers play important role in our overall service.

With effective collaboration we guarantee our customers logistically whole and functional insulation services.


We use modern scaffolding system, skilled scaffolders and committed collaboration partners with which we offer safe and flexible scaffolding services for all sites.

With our services we bring more transparency to scaffolding deliveries.


We combine our experience and expertise with Hailer – a new generation process management tool.

Hailer is a perfect system for project management and communication between personnel and companies involved in project implementation.

Philosophy of FG-Insulation

  • Our core values are accountability, transparency, respect for environment, commitment and comprehensive occupational safety.
  • Our goal is to collaborate with our customers in a more transparent way than in a traditional contracting model.
  • We offer all our expertise to our customers and we always take responsibility for our actions.
  • We communicate in a constructive way and take others into account.
  • With our innovative solutions we aim to add economical value for our customers.
  • Our customers are the core of all our making.
  • We follow the same operating model with all the committed subcontractors and other collaborating partners.

This is how the project progresses


Työnjohtoa ajattelemassa asioita


Our skilled and responsible supervisors ensure excellent final results of projects and delivery at all work sites.
Työnjohto suunnittelee paperien äärellä


Our experienced and competent project managers are in charge of safe and seamless execution of even the most challenging projects.

Tanu Tauru

A technology guru, whose expertise and innovativeness give almost limitless possibilities for development of a customer-oriented action and services.

Jukka Pyykönen

A director, who with more than 30 years’ experience in insulation and scaffolding business knows the field thoroughly.